We Provide Energy Solutions

We guarantee quality and safe supplies and services through clear, transparent, traceable and above-board transactions.


To become the standard-bearer and the go-to supplier in the Oil Marketing and Energy Sectors in Ghana and beyond.


To guarantee hiccup free and timely supplies and services through rigorous due diligence coupled with simple and streamlined procedures.

Our Values

Our values are crafted to dictate the day-to-day decisions we arrive at in our interactions with each other, our customers, the communities we work in and our partners.


As a business driven by innovation, we challenge our ideas to meet our customers’ needs. With the knowledge that ideas can develop at all levels, we encourage creativity and learn from our processes. Our collaborative approach enables us to improve and fully equip our people to progress ideas to help our business innovate, execute world-class projects and deliver unrivalled success.

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Confidentiality Clause

ELRuach Energy Limited holds herself to a clause of confidentiality by which all documents, information, discussions etc. pertaining to any agreement, as well as our operations and transactions with our clients and partners are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Conversely, all agreements and transactions are proceeded by a Non-Disclosure/Non-Circumvention Agreement (NDNCA).

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Our people are passionate and constantly focus on finding new ways of growing our business. Guided by collective energy, we draw on our varied expertise, courage and drive to achieve sustained results. We believe there is always an opportunity to do better. With resolute determination, we constantly develop, test and improve to deliver the best customer experience, every time.

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